About Me
A little about me...

My name is Philip Lucas and I'm a photographer and graphic artist in the Wichita Kansas area. I'm a traditionally trained artist having received my Master's in Fine Art from Pittsburg State University.
I started out my photographic journey with a Polaroid  Instamatic camera taking photos of all the butterflies in my Grandma Nellie's flower garden when I was about 8 years old. I shudder to think how much money I cost her in all of the hundreds of pictures I took in her back yard!
Since then my photos have gotten a little less blurry and fingerprinted but no less exciting (or expensive!) Photography has gotten me through college, took me literally around the world to Australia and back again. It's not an exaggeration to say that photography has guided me through life.
I love the artistic nature of it, the science of it, the skill, the luck and the challenge. I love that it's about the fleeting nature of light, emotion and presence. I love that it communicates through generations. I love that a photograph can be extremely personal or find its way across the globe. I love that it has the power to freeze a moment in time and instantly bring back the feelings and memories it represents. There is nothing quite like a great photograph.
Let me know if you share my affinity and fascination for photography and I'd be happy to put my training and experience to work for you!
Thank you for stopping by - if you'd like to check out my graphic design skills please visit my portfolio site at philiplucasgraphics.